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Kicking animal testing out of the house: The Supermarkets

Posted: 22 April 2008. Updated: 21 February 2013

This list is based on the policy statements of the companies concerned. It is not intended to be a definitive list of all the products available, but is a quick and easy guide to which products are NOT TESTED on animals.

The Supermarkets

Asda – own brand products
Policy: “At ASDA we are against animal testing and none of our own branded products have been tested on animals, either by ourselves or our suppliers.”

Co-op – own brand products
Policy: “We commit to continue to take the lead on the opposition to the use of animals for the testing of own-brand toiletries, cosmetics or household cleaning products (or ingredients therein).” The policy is based on a Fixed Cut Off Date of 1985 – that means they will not use ingredients tested after that date.

Marks & Spencer – own brand products
Policy: “At M&S, we know that many of our customers are concerned about the use of animals for testing cosmetic and household products – our consumer research showed that over 80% of you worry about it. We don’t test any of our beauty or household products on animals. But we wanted to go further than this. As part of our Plan A commitments, we’ve undertaken to guarantee that none of the individual ingredients in our beauty or household products is tested on animals either, starting from a fixed cut-off date of January 2006. This covers more than 1,200 products and, more importantly, their individual ingredients, from lavender laundry liquid to tea tree face wipes. Because we are 100% own brand, we can guarantee that each and every one of our beauty and household products meets this standard.”

Sainsbury’s – own brand products
Policy: “As part of our commitment to animal welfare(Opens New Window), we’re opposed to animal testing and have not commissioned any testing on our beauty products, or the ingredients they contain, since 1988.

“We do use animals to test our own-label pet food for flavour, preference and palatability in a similar way to the human taste panels we use for food ranges. The animals are kept in a kennel or cattery environment managed by our suppliers and we do not permit any establishment to house or care for these animals, that carries out any form of invasive animal testing, e.g., blood sampling.” Sainsbury’s has yet to clarify its fixed cut off date for Household products.

Somerfield – own brand products
Policy: “We continue to ban the testing of own label lines on animals and operate a fixed cut off date of 1st Jan 2000 for animal testing of ingredients used in these products.”

Superdrug – own brand products
Policy: “We and our own brand manufacturers do not commission animal testing on any Superdrug own brand products or ingredients. Our own brand cosmetics, toiletry and household ranges have not been tested on animals by us or by our own brand manufacturers.” Do not have a fixed cut off date.

Tesco – own brand products
Policy: “We do not support testing on animals for cosmetic or household purposes and therefore do not carry out such tests on our own-brand products or the ingredients in them. Nor does anyone carry out testing for cosmetic or household purposes on our behalf.”

Waitrose – own brand products
Policy: “We do not test our own label cosmetics, toiletries, baby care or personal care products on animals, nor do we commission others to do so on our behalf. We operate a strict purchasing rule that ensures we do not buy any ingredient or product that has been tested on animals for cosmetic purposes by our own-label suppliers, since 1990 in the case of Waitrose, and 1996 in the case of John Lewis. Our own-label suppliers are required to complete a declaration that they adhere to our requirements on product and ingredient testing. Checks are also carried out on our suppliers as part of our responsible sourcing programme which covers animal welfare issues, as well as labour rights, working conditions and the environment.”

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