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Kicking animal testing out of the house: Cosmetics and Toiletries

Posted: 22 April 2008. Updated: 13 August 2012

This list is based on the policy statements of the companies concerned. It is not intended to be a definitive list of all the products available, but is a quick and easy guide to which products are NOT TESTED on animals.

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These are available in a range of shops – supermarkets, chemists, department stores and online. Thanks to our successful campaigns, the
testing on animals of cosmetics and toiletries has been banned in the UK for ten years, and is being phased out throughout Europe. Most European
testing has been halted, but some experiments continue in France and
Spain, and of course, tests continue in the USA, so be wary of products from these countries. Ensure that you buy ‘not animal tested’ products, for example:

Beauty without Cruelty
The original ground-breaker of the 1970s and still going strong. Make up. Vegan.

Clarins of Paris
Skin care for women and men.

Daniel Field Hair Care
Hair care, colouring etc.

Skincare products.

Perfumes, toiletries and skin care. Vegan.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
Skin Care.

Figs & Rouge
Hair care / body care. Vegan.

Forest Secrets
Skin care. Vegan.

Hard Candy
Vegan products indicated with a pink heart on the website.

Honesty Cosmetics
Bath, shower, make up and creams. Vegan.

Juice Beauty
Body care, moisturisers.

Bath, shower, hair care, skin care, fragrances and massage oil. They boycott suppliers who use animal tests.

Neals Yard Remedies
Organic skin and body care and natural remedies.

Pure Gaisha
Vegan skincare and mineral cosmetics.

Urban Decay
Make up (also indicate items which are vegan on website).

Note: The Body Shop
One of the pioneers promoting non-animal testing and still features large “Against Animal Testing” in some shops. However, in 2006 Body Shop was taken over by L’Oreal – a move condemned in the media by the NAVS. Whilst Body Shop products are “Not Tested on Animals”, L’Oreal is still using animals.

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