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Kicking animal testing out of the house: Household Products

Posted: 22 April 2008

This list is based on the policy statements of the companies concerned. It is not intended to be a definitive list of all the products available, but is a quick and easy guide to which products are NOT TESTED on animals.

Independent Manufacturers

Household Products

These include cleaning products for the home, laundry, polishes, sprays, etc. Many of these products are available in supermarkets.

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Astonish Cleaning Products
Cleaning products for almost every use in the home and car. All products vegan.

Baileys Home & Garden
Washing up liquid, polish, etc.

Range of cleaning products, also guaranteed vegan.

Earth Friendly Products
Washing, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and air fresheners.

Faith in Nature
Washing up, laundry, dishwasher products, bath/shower gels, hair care.

Heathers Natural & organic cleaning products
Range of home cleaning products.

Large range of household cleaning products, polishes etc.

No Cows
Gardening products, soap, body lotion, shampoo & conditioner (also vegan).

Pierre d’Argent Cleaner
Cleans silver, copper, appliances etc.

The Good Home Co.
Soaps and cleaning products

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