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National Antivisection Society

The National Anti-Vivisection Society, founded in 1875, is the world’s first body to challenge the use of animals in research and continues to lead the campaign today. NAVS has spearheaded the adoption of advanced, non-animal methods; exposed laboratory animal suffering and breaches of regulations with our undercover investigations; funded non-animal scientific and medical research; educated public and media about the flaws of animal research and provided legislators detailed briefings to support the replacement of animals in research with advanced methods.

Most lab suffering = GM

Most lab suffering = GM New Home Office figures reveal that MORE THAN TWO-THIRDS of the 3.5 million procedures conducted on animals in Britain labs concern genetic modification.
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World Day for Laboratory Animals

World Day for Laboratory AnimalsHeld in April each year to commemorate the suffering of animals in laboratories, 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of World Day for Laboratory Animals & Lab Animal Week.
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Animals dying through errors in basic care.

Animals dying through errors in basic care.The NAVS is calling on the Home Office to urgently tackle the growing number of incidents.
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Prevent animal tests at Chemical Weapons Defence Centre!

Prevent animal tests at Chemical Weapons Defence Centre!The NAVS is calling for the new, publicly funded facility to use advanced, human-relevant methods instead.
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Brexit concerns for lab animals

Brexit concerns for lab animalsConcerns that hard fought for regulations on animal experiments could be lost after Brexit have been raised by the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS)
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Good Charities Guide

Good Charities GuideSupport medical progress without making animals suffer.
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Animals in space research

Animals in space researchOur campaign to stop animals being used in experiments for space exploration has been waged worldwide.
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REACHAn EU regulation controlling the sale of chemical substances which has resulted in the biggest single animal testing programme the world has ever seen.

Kick animal testing out of the house

Kick animal testing out of the houseNAVS campaign to end household product testing on animals.

Stop the secrecy

Stop the secrecyPlease help the NAVS campaign for greater transparency in the lab by supporting our call for the repeal of Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 Amendment Regulations 2012.
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Our mission

Millions of animals suffer and die in cruel, unscientific, and futile experiments – yet there are sophisticated non-animal methods available. Our objectives are to awaken the conscience of humanity in all parts of the world to the iniquity of procedures causing suffering or distress to living creatures and the breeding and supply of animals for such purposes; to persuade regulators and legislators to adopt non-animal methods and end the use of animals in research. We may support partial measures of reform on animal use, which would provide steps towards the replacement of the use of animals in research.

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