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World Lab Animal Week 21-27 April.

Posted: 13 March 2008



Each year millions of animals die in laboratories around the world. Hundreds of thousands of these tests are for ingredients or finished products home or personal products that we buy every day. Help us secure a UK, then Europe-wide ban on household, and other product testing.

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You can help kick animal testing out of the house:

Street collections will take place between March and May to raise awareness and funds for our campaign. Contact us to find out how you can help with a street collection in your area.

Donation: Help us ensure that the European cosmetics test ban is fully implemented. And to secure a similar ban on household products. Your donation will help end the suffering.

Spread the word: Order our Kick Animal Testing out of the House leaflets today. Tell us how many leaflets you would like (10, 25, 50, 100 or more?)

Only buy products marked “Not Tested on Animals". Ask manufacturers whether they test their products and to label them clearly. Urge friends to do the same.

Find out more about the European ban on cosmetics testing on animals

Find out about the suffering of animals in commercial tests (Report PDF)

Check the progress on our campaign to end primate tests

Find out about research without animals

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