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Posted: 13 December 2011. Updated: 13 December 2017

These charities have confirmed that they currently do not fund or carry out any animal experiments. However, they have not confirmed a long-term commitment to never fund animal experiments (and may even have funded animal research in the past). We advise you to contact these charities inquiring about their current position before making a donation.

Action Cancer

Action on Addiction

Action for ME


Against Breast Cancer

Aintree Arthritis Trust

Alcohol Research UK

AlstrÍm Syndrome UK

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Services

AMMF (Alan Morement Memorial Fund)

Amazon Breast Cancer Support Group

Anthony Nolan Trust

ARC (Antenatal Results & Choices)

The Arthritic Association

Arthritis Care


Ataxia - Telangiectasia Society



Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases


BEAT (Eating Disorders Assocation)


The Big C

Bowel Cancer UK

Brain and Spine Foundation

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust

Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Survival Trust

British Deaf Association

British Homeopathic Association

British Institute of Radiology

British Kidney Patient Association

British Orthopaedic Association

The British Polio Fellowship

The British Stammering Association (BSA)

Bupa Foundation


Cancer Care


Cancer Research Wales

CFS Research Foundation (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Foundation)

Charlie’s Challenge

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation

Children’s Research Fund

The Christie (NHS Foundation Trust)

CLAPA (Cleft Lip & Palate Association)


The Communication Trust

The Disabilities Trust

Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC) / Hyperbaric Medical Centre

The Elton John AIDS Foundation

Edinburgh Gynaecological Cancer Fund

The Emma Killingback Memorial Fund

ENABLE Scotland

The Encephalitis Society

Epilepsy Action

Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust

Greater London Fund for the Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind

The Haven


Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust

Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust

The Meningitis Trust

Midlands Asthma and Allergy Research Association (MAARA)

Multiple Sclerosis Trust

National Autistic Society

National Kidney Federation

National Osteoporosis Society

The National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation UK

North West Cancer Research Fund


Pain Relief Foundation

The Partially Sighted Society

Prader-Willi Syndrome Association UK

The Royal College of Psychiatrists

The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People)

The Safer Medicines Trust




The Shaw Trust

Spinal Injuries Association

The Stroke Association

Teenage Cancer Trust

Terrence Higgins Trust

World Cancer Research Fund

  • Click here to donate to The Lord Dowding Fund and help to fund vital non-animal medical research.

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