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The NAVS Good Charities Guide: by category

Posted: 13 December 2011. Updated: 13 December 2017

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Good: two ticks

A charity receives two ticks only if they have confirmed that they have a policy not to carry out or fund animal research and this is a permanent policy or one for the foreseeable future.
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Good: one tick

If a charity does not currently fund or carry out animal experiments, according to the response which we received from them, they are awarded one tick. It is important to note, however, that these charities will not have stated that this is a permanent policy, may have previously been involved in animal testing and may have said that they agree, in principle, with animal testing. These charities are given a tick, with caution. It is advised that supporters check the status of these charities before making a donation.
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These charities fund or carry out research involving animals.
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These are charities for which there was insufficient information to determine which category they belong to. The charity may not have filled in the questionnaire fully, or may have responded by asking not to be included in the guide.
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