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World Lab Animal Day: April 24, 2007

Posted: 13 April 2007


World Lab Animal Day was founded by the NAVS and the day chosen (April 24th) commemorates the birthday of one of our Presidents, Lord Dowding. The Day is recognised by the United Nations and is now marked by anti-vivisectionists on every continent. It is often marked by a full week of activity known as Lab Animal Week or World Week for Laboratory Animals.

This year Lab Animal Day will be the launch pad for campaigns in Europe and in the USA to end the use of primates in research.

At a reception in Strasbourg, together with MEPs, ADI and NAVS will be launching a new Written Declaration which will be open for signatures until the end of July. We have three months to secure a commitment from MEPs to end primate tests.

Spread the word! For Europe, our new leaflet unfolds into three postcards, enabling people to immediately participate in the campaign. We need your help sending and distributing these cards. See copies enclosed we want to distribute at least 100,000 before the end of July!

Send your cards to your MEPs today - you can call us (020 7630 3340) or click the links to find your MEP under Action Alerts.

In the US, we will be using Lab Animal Day to launch a new campaign to end the suffering of primates in US labs, with new leaflets available free.

  • Wear it!

Click here to see new NAVS Lab Animal Week T-shirts!

Click here to see new ADI Lab Animal Week T-shirts!

  • Take action now!

Leaflets are FREE. Distribute them. To order more, call 020 7630 3340 in the UK or (415) 876 2344 in the US.

Send your postcards and write a letter to your MEP.

Please send a donation; we urgently need funds to get a primate experiments ban!

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