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Ireland: Historic Bill to end primate experiments

Posted: 14 April 2007


Great News!
A proposed primate test ban is included in ‘Restriction on Animal Testing Bill 2007’, a Private Member’s Bill proposed in March by Green Dail Member (MP) Eamon Ryan. This states: “The Minister for Health and Children shall within six months of the passing of this Act introduce regulations prohibiting all experimentation on non-human primates for commercial or medical purposes”. This would be the first primate test ban in Europe. Such a ban would make a landmark ethical statement.

Last year on International Primate Day, we teamed up with Ireland’s Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) and the Irish
Anti-Vivisection Society (IAVS) with a vigil in Dublin, calling on the Irish Government to ban primate testing. The groups were also active contacting Irish MEPs calling on them to sign up to our Written Declaration. ARAN will be organising an Irish event for Lab Animal Day to push the next Written Declaration that will be unveiled then. Well done to ARAN and IAVS!

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