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MEPs back campaign to end primate tests across Europe

Posted: 30 April 2007


To mark World Lab Animal Day (April 24th), ADI and NAVS launched a new Declaration in the European Parliament backed by MEPs John, Bowis (UK), Martine Roure (France), Jens Holm (Sweden), and Mojca Drcar Murko (Slovenia). The Declaration calls for immediate bans on the use of apes and wild-caught monkeys in European experiments and for the Parliament to set a timetable to end the 10,000 experiments performed in the EU every year.

ADI staged a launch reception inside the Parliament and a special photocall with MEPs appearing as non-human primates.

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Needless suffering

Find out the facts about primate experiments and why the data from these experiments can never be trusted when it is extrapolated to humane. Plus, find out about real medical and scientific progress and how our organization is at the cutting edge of research funding.

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Stop primate suffering USA

The USA and Japan are the world’s biggest experimenters on primates, and primate tests are on the rise in the USA with over 55,000 experiments on primates. World Lab Animal Day sees the launch of our campaign to end the suffering.

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