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Exclusive interview with alternatives expert

"I believe that alternative methods are the forerunner for the revolution of risk assessment sciences ahead of us". Dr Hartung reveals his motivations and hopes for the future of advanced methods to replace...

On the frontline of neuroscience

{h1 {/h1 Lord Dowding Fundís support for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging facility at Aston University is currently our biggest annual grant and came about when we saw the rising trend of neurological...

Aston opening throws spotlight on research without animals

The LDF fMRI facility at Aston University was formally opened on 4th September by Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Cllr Mike Sharpe. The day, which attracted extensive media coverage, highlighted how nueroscience...

Help the UK to lose its title of vivisection capital of Europe

This year the UK has become the vivisection capital of Europe with 2.85 million experiments on animals performed in 2004: you can tell your MP that it must change now! The recent TGN1412 drug trial...

Would you pay to have this rabbit's leg broken?

Most people wouldn't dream of paying someone to break a rabbit's leg. Yet public donations are used by charities to fund experiments in which animals have cancers grown on their backs, have limbs broken,...

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