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Action Alert: New UK Animal Experiment Laws Imminent

Posted: 15 March 2011. Updated: 19 July 2011


This year in the UK, we have the biggest challenge on animal experiments for 25 years.

The government is going to review the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, to bring it into line with a new EU Directive on animal experiments (Directive 2010/63/EU), passed last year.

However, we have been informed by the Home Office that they are considering changing the legislation WITHOUT A PUBLIC DEBATE!

They are looking at the power of the minister, Lynn Featherstone, to make new rules without discussing them in Parliament!

We must fight this! There must be a full public debate on the use of animals in research!

What you can do

It is time for all campaigners to take action – campaign harder this year, than you ever have before.

  • Get our leaflets out to your colleagues, friends and family.
  • Help to organise a vigil or demo at your local laboratory – contact us so that we can put you in touch with others in your area.
  • Write to your MP – insist that there is a full public debate, and a parliamentary debate
  • Get our action pack – or see our action page and find out how you can help
  • Click here to see our new leaflet - ‘Cutting Edge, not Knife Edge’

Cutting Edge, Not Knife Edge

We have outlined a list of 10 key things that the UK Government needs to do on animal experiments:

  • Ban household product testing on animals
  • No downgrading of UK animal protection measures in the law – our rules that are stricter than the EU Directive must be maintained.
  • Commit to replacing experiments on monkeys in UK laboratories
  • End the capture of monkeys from the wild, by laboratory dealers
  • Set clear limits on the pain laboratory animals are allowed to suffer
  • Increase transparency on animal experiments – more public accountability and wider scientific scrutiny - before animals are used
  • Increase compulsory data sharing to prevent unnecessary experiments
  • Establish a UK laboratory for the development and validation of replacements – non-animal methods
  • Regular reviews of specific animal tests, or uses of animals, to identify and replace animal experiments with new, non-animal techniques
  • Ensure the effective implementation of non-animal methods – if there is an alternative it must be used.

It is time to fight for the replacement of animals in tests with advanced, modern scientific techniques.

All of our materials are free and remember, even half an hour of leafleting could make a massive difference at this crucial time.

UK animal protection groups are united

All of the key UK animal protection groups are behind these key demands – click here to see the joint document sent to the Home Office this week, outlining the concerns of the UK animal protection groups.

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