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Political Animals 2015

Posted: 24 September 2015. Updated: 25 September 2015


Our latest issue of ‘Political Animals’, the NAVS annual report showcasing our campaigns for better science without the use of animals:


It is now over a year since the government opened its consultation on the review of Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, which has been prompted by the provisions of the new European Directive on the use of animals in research. A response is currently with ministers. Also known as the “secrecy clause”, Section 24 places a blanket ban on the release of any information from animal experimentation laboratories, which closes down public debate and opportunities to encourage the adoption of advanced replacement techniques. Read more

Thematic Review – a targeted approach to replacing animals in experiments

Adopted during the latest revision of the EU Directive governing the use of animals in research, “thematic review” provides a practical approach to eliminating experiments of poor design and for which a non-animal replacement is available. The UK has an opportunity to take a lead on this area – incorporation of article 58 of EU Directive 2010/63/EU would facilitate bi-annual reviews of targeted areas of animal experimentation with a view to determining timetables and strategies for replacement. Read more

Government intervention allows expansion of laboratory beagle breeder

Overturning the decision of the local council and contradicting a ruling by former Secretary of State Eric Pickles, Secretary of State Greg Clark approved plans in July to extend a beagle breeding facility in Yorkshire. Making dogs more cheaply and easily available is likely to set back progress on the introduction of advanced non-animal methods which are more relevant to humans – there is no evidence of a need for more dogs for experimentation in the UK and in fact, over the past ten years, there has been a substantial reduction in their use. Read more

Loophole in household product testing ban

Unlike the ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals, which saw a comprehensive EU-wide ban and a raft of replacement techniques developed following public demand and political will, the UK household product testing ban is less clear-cut. Despite a firm commitment to outlaw the use of animals to test both ingredients and finished products, a huge loophole in the “qualified ban” announced earlier this year will still permit animal tests. Read more

Making the pledge to end primate tests a reality

As one of the largest users of laboratory monkeys in Europe, the UK can have a profound impact on the trade and the NAVS urges MPs to make the principles of Written Declaration 40/2007 a reality. Adopted by the European Parliament, WD40/2007 calls for an end to the capture of monkeys from the wild and for the use of primates in research to be phased out. The NAVS has revealed the brutality of the laboratory primate trade, last year exposing how monkeys farmed for research are torn from their families, subjected to brutal capture and restraint techniques, and terrifying routine procedures. Read more

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