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New legislation on animal experimentation

Posted: 30 May 2012. Updated: 8 November 2013


Key information concerning the transposition into UK law of EU Directive 2010/63 on the use of animals for scientific purposes

The UK is currently undergoing the first major revision of animal experimentation rules in over 25 years as the government brings the new EU Directive on animal testing (2010/63/EU) into UK law. This is a unique opportunity for the government to seriously commit to the implementation of sophisticated replacements for animal experiments; advancing science whilst ending animal suffering.

The NAVS is urging the UK Government to adopt a progressive approach for animal testing. We have met with Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone, held several consultation meetings with officials and received cross-party support on this issue. For the government’s public consultation, we submitted a 80-page response and mobilised the public into action. We have also distributed briefings to politicians and organised activities to raise awareness around the country.

The deadline for the transposition of the Directive into UK law is November 2012, and all member states will have to apply the provisions as of 1st January 2013. As the revision process enters into its final phase, this is the last opportunity for us to influence the new legislation. Once decided, the law will govern the lives, and deaths, of animals in laboratories in the UK for many years to come.

How you can help

We are now in the closing stages of the review process but you can still help secure real change for animal welfare and scientific progress by supporting a few key points which are pivotal to how the legislation will be shaped. These areas include:

  • Thematic review, which will allow specific procedures on animals to be highlighted, reviewed and phased out – click here to read our briefing on this issue
  • Section 24, which is a deeply unpopular secrecy clause, affecting public perception of vivisection – click here to read our briefing on this issue
  • Our key concerns, which highlight the most important elements to be scrutinised during the transposition process – click here to read our briefing on this issue

Millions of animals suffer and die each year in cruel, unscientific, and futile experiments – over 3 million in the UK alone. Help us safeguard and build upon existing UK legislation to ensure that our country is a world leader in cutting edge science. Thank you.

About the NAVS

Founded in 1875, the NAVS is the world’s first anti-vivisection group, campaigning tirelessly since its inception to expose the cruelty and futility of animal experiments.

The NAVS takes a unique holistic, self-sufficient approach to achieving long-term protection for animals. We work at all levels, from start to finish of a campaign – from undercover investigations to scientific and economic research, publication of technical reports, through to public education, to drafting and securing legislative protection for animals. The scientific and medical research that we fund through the Lord Dowding Fund dovetails perfectly with our campaigns to end animal experimentation.

Save The Primates investigation: As part of our drive to end primate experiments across Europe we embarked on one of our most ambitious undercover investigations ever. In two years our Special Investigations Department exposed every aspect of this sordid industry. We worked on three continents: Trailing the trappers in the South American rainforest; going into the squalid world of the Asian monkey dealers that feed Europe’s labs; and spending over a year inside possibly the biggest monkey laboratory in Europe – the primate toxicology unit in Huntingdon Life Sciences, Cambridgeshire. You can read more about this ground-breaking investigation here.

Campaign successes: Our campaigns have put an end to the requirement for A-level students to dissect animals in schools; enabled university students to refuse to use animals in their studies, and provided them with alternatives; helped to persuade governments and drug companies to abandon cruel safety tests such as LD50, cosmetics testing, and persuaded more and more companies to drop animal testing of their products.

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