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Laboratory Animal Week: 24 - 30 April

Each year during Laboratory Animal Week, many volunteers proudly don red sashes and take to the streets, shaking a can on behalf of laboratory animals everywhere. These activities make a huge difference by raising much needed funds and increasing public awareness about our work.


If you are a seasoned collector or if you’ve never volunteered as a collector before, why not give it a try … you may find it addictive! Just a few hours can make all the difference and perhaps you could persuade your spouse, offspring, friends, neighbours and their dogs to join in too.


Lab Animal Week 2006

The horrific story of the six human volunteers in the disastrous TGN1412 drug trial has forced some scientists to concede that the kind of non-animal alternative that we have been pushing should have been used.

TGN1412 had been extensively tested on animals. The dose that was given to the volunteers was 500 times lower than that which had caused no ill effects in monkeys.

It is accepted that animal models are poor predictors of the effects in humans, with around a third of all new drugs failing in human clinical trials. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Government health watchdog, says that doses in clinical trials should be 100 times lower than doses that are safe in animals.

When the story broke, we were able to give the media details of species difference and of non-animal alternatives such as microdosing. Other commentators had to agree. Microdosing is a system that would replace many animal tests, as it involves administering ultra-low doses of a drug to human volunteers and analysing the results. It avoids species differences, it saves animals, and it is safer for the human volunteers.

We believe that it is vital that we use the World Lab Animal Week to explain how misleading animal testing is, whilst the TGN1412 calamity is still fresh in people’s minds.

Lab Animal Week (24 - 30 April 2006) is approaching - YOU can make a difference:

  • Join the NAVS as a supporter.
  • Distribute our new leaflets to friends and colleagues.
  • On World Lab Animal Day, wear one of our special padlock badges, symbolising the campaign to unlock the labs.
  • Ask a local shop or other outlet to take a lock dispenser and collecting tin.
  • Take part in a NAVS collection.
  • Help us stop EU chemical tests on millions of animals - order our free chemicals testing action pack.
  • Organise a fundraising event that highlights Lab Animal Week.
  • Write a letter to a local newspaper, asking people to contact us.

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