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Please participate in Government consultation on Section 24

Posted: 14 May 2014. Updated: 14 May 2014


Your help needed to end the secret suffering of animals in UK laboratories

The UK Government has finally launched its public consultation on the review of Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, the law governing the use of animals in experiments. We now have an opportunity to speak up for the animals and call for this ‘secrecy clause’ to be removed – and it is absolutely imperative that we have our say.

There is strong and growing support from scientists, politicians, celebrities and the public for Section 24 to be repealed but we are up against a powerful industry, who want nothing more than to maintain the secrecy – preventing regulators from releasing details of what happens to animals during experiments, stifling public debate and scientific scrutiny.

We cannot let the vivisectors keep details of the suffering of the animals they needlessly torture year in, year out, secret – but we need your help.

There is already significant and increasing public mistrust of the Government’s regulation of animal experiments. According to a recent poll, 51% of respondents thought that “unnecessary duplication of experiments may go on” and only 47% “trust scientists not to cause unnecessary suffering”. Thanks to investigations like those conducted by the NAVS – which bring the otherwise secret animal tests to the public’s attention – the tide is turning.

It is time for the secret suffering of laboratory animals in the UK to stop. Help us campaign for change.

Please take action today!

We don’t have much time – the consultation ends on June 13th – so your help is urgently needed.

  • Please participate in the consultation today and support Option 3 (repeal of Section 24) – refer to our answer guide to help you respond and take part in the consultation here
  • Recruit friends, colleagues and family to take part in this important consultation
  • Hold an information stall in your town centre and encourage members of the public to complete our consultation postcards – order copies here – you can then send their completed postcards directly to the Home Office
  • Make a donation and help us continue to expose, and fight to stop, lab animal suffering

Over 4 million animals are currently suffering in silence in laboratories across the UK – although we may not be able to save them, we can prevent others being subjected to a similar fate. Knowledge is power and if we can find out what will happen to the animals before the experiments start, we can campaign to stop them happening and for better, humane alternatives to be used instead.

Thank you for taking the time to help save animals from a life, and death, in the lab.

  • Find out more about our campaign to end the secret suffering of laboratory animals

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