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Posted: 3 September 2012. Updated: 15 April 2015


Every year millions of animals suffer and die in unreliable experiments. Although some people claim that animal use in research is essential, the majority of medical and scientific research does not involve the use of animals. Those experiments which do use animals are unreliable, unnecessary and unethical.

The fundamental flaw of animal-based research is ‘species differences’. Each species reacts differently to chemicals, drugs, toxins etc and so animal tests cannot accurately predict what will happen in humans, only what will happen in that species of animals.

Animal experiments are misleading, can hold up medical progress and can harm human health. We must educate the public to demand that non-animal alternatives are brought in to replace animals; we must educate parliamentarians, media and legislators that animal experiments have simply become part of the ‘check list’ that is used to pass products as safe for human use.

Only public education and pressure will make the change.

Please help us campaign for change that will save animals, benefit science and people too. We need funds to publish educational materials and to fund non-animal scientific and medical research; please donate some time as well, if you can, to help us save animals.

Please speak out against lab animal suffering!

  • Distribute our campaign leaflets – order now!
  • Hold an information stall to raise awareness amongst the public
  • Write to or visit your local political representative and call on them to support legislation to reduce animal experiments and increase funding for humane alternatives
  • Get involved during Lab Animal Week
  • Join us on facebook and twitter to keep informed of campaign news and actions
  • Get in touch – if you need help or advice, please contact us

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