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Posted: 22 December 2011. Updated: 3 June 2013

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Tel: 020 7803 1100
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Policy / Record on research: Not known
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Membership of AMRC? No
Record on animal-based research: Not known

Annual income: Not known
Annual expenditure on research: Not known
Amount spent on animal research and % of research income: Not known

Other information:

An email to NAVS dated 19th December stated: "Please find below our position on animal research, which is in line with the position statement of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC):
Medical research is carried out to help promote and improve health and to prevent and treat disease. Research involving animals has been fundamental to understanding how the body functions in health and disease and to the development of modern medicines and surgical procedures. We would like to see future advances made without research involving animals, but currently, work with animals continues to be essential in some aspects of medical research. We therefore support such work where no alternative exists and where it is carried out according to best practice as laid down in legislation."

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