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Posted: 12 December 2011. Updated: 6 November 2012


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Tel: 020 7554 0000
Questionnaire response received: No

Remit: Not known
Organisational Area: Not known

Policy / Record on research: Not known
Is this a permanent policy? Not known
Membership of AMRC? Yes
Record on animal-based research: Currently carrying out or funding animal research

Annual income: Not known
Annual expenditure on research: Not known
Amount spent on animal research and % of research income: Not known

Research Area: Not known
Species used: Not known
Is there a non-animal research option for donation? Not known

Other information:

"This charity is dedicated to saving lives by developing better treatments and cures for heart conditions. As part of this work we support essential research using cells grown in a laboratory, computer models, and human volunteers. Where these are not feasible, we fund research using animals.

When our researchers do use animals, all work is carried out in line with strict Home Office guidelines.

The research community is constantly developing new techniques to help us use fewer animals or non-animal models. Our scientists carry out as much of their research as possible on human volunteers, cells, or computers.

However, completely replacing all animals in research is not yet possible. There is no alternative method that can reproduce the complicated working of our hearts and circulatory systems".

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