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Posted: 12 December 2011. Updated: 6 November 2012

Rating: Bad

Tel: 020 7749 3700
Questionnaire response received: Yes

Remit: Medical Research and Health
Organisational Area: Research-based

Policy / Record on research: That animal research is necessary and essential for the benefit of medical science and advancement; support Association of Medical Research Charities Statement on the Use of Animals in Research; animal research supported but compliable with relevant legislation
Is this a permanent policy? No answer
Membership of AMRC? Yes
Record on animal-based research: Currently carrying out or funding animal research

Annual income: 11.1 million
Annual expenditure on research: 7.4 million
Amount spent on animal research and % of research income: No answer

Research Area: Biochemistry and Genetics
Species used: Rodents
Is there a non-animal research option for donation? "We do not have a specific fund but if donors request we can allocate funds to projects that do not involve animals. We have a rigorous process of the treatment of restricted funds as required by SORP under charity regulations"

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