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Posted: 12 December 2011. Updated: 6 November 2012

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Tel: 020 7786 4900
Questionnaire response received: Yes

Remit: Medical Research and Health; welfare and support
Organisational Area: Research-based

Policy / Record on research: Willing to fund animal research if convinced of its necessity; that animal research is necessary and essential for the benefit of medical science and advancement; do not seek to influence the decisions of or activities of medical researchers either for or against; support Association of Medical Research Charities Statement on the Use of Animals in Research; animal research supported but compliable with relevant legislation
Is this a permanent policy? No answer
Membership of AMRC? Yes
Record on animal-based research: Have previously carried out or funded animal research; currently carrying out or funding animal research; may carry out or fund animal research in the future

Annual income: 8.4 million
Annual expenditure on research: 1.7 million
Amount spent on animal research and % of research income: <400,000 average (4.8%)

Research Area: Medicine, immunology
Species used: Rodents (Mice and rats), Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
Is there a non-animal research option for donation? "We do not currently make the distinction between animal research and non-animal research funds, but do offer donors the option of donating to non-research activities, for example our Adviceline, if they do not want their donation to be spent on research which may involve the use of animals. We can also arrange for the donations to be made towards specific research projects. We do this by coding the donation to specific projects as soon as the money is processed."

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