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ADI welcomes new European Commission Action Plan to reduce animal testing

Posted: 22 June 2006

The “European Partnership to Promote Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing” is publishing its Action Plan aimed at reducing animal testing on Thursday, 22 June. Animal Defenders International (ADI) is campaigning to see animal tests replaced by non-animal methods, a position that is now supported by industry throughout the EU.

Last November, ADI chief executive Jan Creamer attended the Conference on Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing organized by European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry Policy, Günter Verheugen, to instigate an effective collaboration to promote alternative approaches to animal testing.

To mark the Conference a partnership between the Commission, industry associations and major companies, was created on 7th November 2005 In Brussels. These represented the European chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, soap and detergents, animal health, and crop protection industries. The Action Plan, together with the forthcoming revision of Directive 86/609 on animal testing, reflects a growing interest of European industries and the EU institutions in alternatives to animal testing.

Jan Creamer, chief executive of ADI, confirmed: “The commitment of these industries to the use of alternatives to experiments on animals is an important step to protect the lives of millions of animals that would have been lost to testing. Humane testing strategies not only save animals’ lives but they are more reliable because the results are not confused by species differences.”

Commissioner Verheugen declared in his speech at the Conference in Brussels that not only is there growing pressure from the European public to replace animal testing but “the development and validation of new methods and strategies will also increase competitiveness of European industry”.

Jan Creamer: “The public want to see animal tests replaced. We believe it is time to stop tinkering with animal tests and undertake a genuine drive to replace them. The replacement testing strategies are the future, the sooner these are implemented, the sooner European industry can start to move ahead."

The Lord Dowding Fund, a department of ADI and sister group the NAVS, commits over £300,000 every year to the development of non-animal research methods. This has included being responsible for a British Standard Test for the toxicity of dental fillings.

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