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Letter to the Editor: World Day for Laboratory Animals 2018

Posted: 20 April 2018

April 24th marks†World Day for Laboratory Animals, founded by the National Anti-Vivisection Society in 1979 to commemorate the suffering of animals in laboratories.

Thousands of animals suffer each year during experiments conducted by the Ministry of Defence at its Porton Down research facility near Salisbury. Latest figures reveal nearly 3,000 animals were used in 2016, including more than 2,000 mice and over 100 monkeys. Tests undertaken at the laboratory include mustard gas being pumped down the throats of anaesthetised pigs and into their lungs.

With a new Chemical Weapons Defence Centre recently announced, the NAVS is urging the UK Government not to use animals at the publicly funded facility.

Ethically and scientifically wrong, the results from animal tests cannot provide reliable predictions of how humans will react to harmful substances, hindering scientific progress and costing animalsí lives.

To join us in calling for advanced, human-relevant methods to be used instead please visit

Jan Creamer
President, National Anti-Vivisection Society

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