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Relocating our lion prides

On February 16 2011, twenty five lions touched down at Denver International Airport. After a journey of thousands of miles, the Lion Ark had made it. The lions were finally home.

These lions are now a million miles from the circus, living in a huge 80 acre natural enclosure at The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

You can adopt one of our Lion Ark lions here

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Crates containing 25 lions are lined up for loading at Santa Cruz Airport.

All on board and strapped down, ready for the flight.

The TAB Lion Ark aircraft touches down in Denver.

The Lion Ark has arrived in Denver and the lions are unloaded.

Lion after lion is unloaded.

Actress Jorja Fox and TV presenter Bob Barker greet Bam Bam at Denver Airport with a drink of water.

Bob Barker addresses the press conference.

Meanwhile, the lions’ new home at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado is completed.

This includes a large indoor enclosure, with grass floor and enrichment.

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