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The rescue of our lion prides

Operation Lion Ark saw ADI’s Rescue Team carry out its most ambitious and complex rescue mission to date. The team traveled the length and breadth of Bolivia, covering thousands of miles, negotiating the seizure of an incredible 25 lions. The lions now roam huge enclosures at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, U.S.A.

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Family of eight lions, crammed into a circus cage.

Inside cage holding family of eight lions

Two male lions, Temuco and Pancho, with the ADI Rescue Team

Three lions, a male and two females (Hercules, Fida, Panchula), before being rescued

A solitary lioness, India, looks on as the rescue team negotiate her rescue

Two lionesses, Chitara and Dalila, are lifted onto a truck by a crane

India is suspended over a truck, guided by the rescue team

Hercules, Fida, and Panchula on the back of a truck

Two lionesses in a cage are pulled along by the team, accompanied by the Bolivian authorities

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