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The first lions to be rescued

It was one of the most complex and challenging rescue operations that ADI have undertaken, and followed one of our most successful campaigns – the ban on animal circuses in Bolivia. Intense activity in the UK, U.S.A. and Bolivia ensured that the animals were given a second chance of life, free from the circus.

The ADI rescue of the first lions, the “Bolivian Pride” was just the beginning, later followed by “Operation Lion Ark” and the safe journey to the U.S.A. of every lion rescued from the circuses in Bolivia.

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The “Bolivian Pride”, Daktari, Bambek and Simba ...

... Camba and Maiza, in their travel cages and awaiting rescue by ADI.

One of the lions, in a travel cage.

Simba watches the ADI team from the circus beastwagon.

Lioness Camba sits patiently in beastwagon.

Sleeping in a travel cage.

Lion Simba shares the beastwagon with Tilin the baboon.

One of the lions, and Tilin in a travel cage.

Daktari rests in the in the afternoon heat.

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