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The NAVS rescued six beagle puppies from international lab dealer Interfauna. Pictured: their first night of comfort with the NAVS.

The NAVS rescued six beagle puppies.

Nat - a beagle rescued by the NAVS from experimentation.

Rescued by the NAVS from death in a laboratory, here's Ratty after one of his regular baths.

Two young rats start a new life of exploration and fun after being rescued by the NAVS from a vivisection laboratory.

Guinea pig in loving home. When first seen, she had almost no fur due to stress, and was going to be killed as lab surplus.

Hamlet was rescued from a laboratory by the NAVS.

When a pet dealer went bust, the NAVS financed an outdoor enclosure for these macaques. The dealer said they were from a lab.

Capuchin released from Chilean lab with three others through the NAVS and Centro de Rehabilitacion de Primates.

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