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Kodak the capuchin

In 2008 helped to rescue Kodak the capuchin monkey from the primate pet trade in Greece. Born wild in South America in 2003, Kodak was captured as a youngster and sold into the pet trade. He lived in a photography shop until his owner realized Kodak should be with other capuchins and contacted a rescue centre in Holland. Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall was asked to take him and with ADI’s help he was soon on his way to the UK.

At the Monkey Sanctuary Kodak soon learned about monkey behaviour and became good friends with fellow capuchin Joey. More recently, Kodak integrated into a large social group with other rescued monkeys! Kodak continues to enjoy life in Cornwall and is now living a highly social and interesting life!

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At the sanctuary in Holland final preparations are underway for Kodak’s journey to the UK.

After some gentle encouragement with his favourite food, Kodak was eventually loaded into his travel crate.

On arrival at the airport, we check on Kodak before he is loaded into the aircraft.

Kodak enjoys a banana snack...

...and some sweetcorn...

...and a kiwi fruit.

Kodak spent 6 months in quarantine, soon to be on his way to the Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall.

Kodak has developed a cheeky personality.

Kodak is now flourishing in his new home, amongst his own species. A wonderful second chance at life for this lucky monkey.

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