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Orlandito and friends

Orlandito had been torn from his forest home by pet dealers. He was then rescued by Colombia’s environmental police, who confiscated him and took him to the safety of a rescue and rehabilitation centre, where he was placed with three other rescued capuchins to form a group for release as soon as a suitable site was found.

The perfect site was found in a forest in north east Colombia. ADI worked hard to secure the release of the group and paid for the construction of an acclimatisation enclosure, which would enable the monkeys to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the forest in safety before their final release.

Then, early in 2010 and after years of determined work, this group of capuchin monkeys was returned to the Colombian forest to be free at last. The monkeys were fitted with small transmitter collars, designed to stay on for up to six months, to track them during their initial release. This is vital, to monitor movements, identify social changes and interactions, and to verify their survival. Once their collars drop, these monkeys simply disappeared into the forest forever.

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Orlandito at the rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Three of Orlandito's group in the months preceding their release.


The construction of the ADI acclimatisation enclosure...

...where the monkeys can get used to the sights, sounds and smells of their new home.

One of the group enjoys a snack.

The small transmitter collars are designed to stay on for up to six months.

Orlandito has been released from the acclimatisation enclosure and is free to enter the jungle.

Orlandito soon disappears into the jungle with his three friends.

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