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Simba's pride enjoy their freedom

One of our most successful campaigns – the ban on animal circuses in Bolivia - resulted in the rescued animals being given the chance of new lives, free from the circus.

The first lions that we rescued, the “Bolivian Pride” now live free from harm and in the safety of their own huge outdoor enclosures at ARK2000 Sanctuary in Caleveras County, U.S.A.

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On arrival at PAWS, Camba is delighted to see the boys in the next enclosure.

The boys play after being released from their travel crates.

This is the life! The lion’s enjoying their new home.

Simba, sitting pretty.

Simba enjoying his new home.

Bambek looks out across the vast new enclosure.

Camba relaxes in the shade.

These lucky lions are now living the lives that they deserve.

They are free to play, or relax in the sunshine, as they chose.

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