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Tim the horse, saved during Lion Ark and his companion Rosita

At the end of 2010, securing a ban on the use of animals in circuses in Bolivia, we completed the rescue of EVERY animal from circuses across the country.

Among them was a horse who was destined to be food for circus lions. One of the many Bolivians who supported our rescues was kind enough to offer Tim a home on his ranch, where wild and semi domesticated horses were running free.

This gentle horse took a while to settle into his new home and find friends he was too timid to join the wild horses, but soon found a friend of his own, Rosita. They have since been joined by a stray foal, and these three happy horses have now made their own family group.

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ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer named this gentle horse after our Campaigns Director, Tim Phillips.

Tim, safe and free on the ranch in the Bolivian countryside.

Tim, on the left, with Rosita.

Tim and the stray foal ...

... free to roam and graze, as they please.

Tim grazing.

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