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The 3Bs enjoy their freedom

In December 2009 ADI brought Baloo, Betty and Boo to safety in the UK just in time to enjoy their first Christmas of freedom at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary. The 3Bs", who we rescued from a major European animal research laboratory, had been used in neurology experiments.

In January 2010 these three lucky monkeys were released into their purpose built outdoor quarantine enclosure for the first time. Later that year, in August, they were released into their brand new, and very large, permanent outdoor enclosure, with adjoining nighthouse, in the Sanctuary’s woodlands.

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The monkeys open their first Christmas presents.

Tasty treats are revealed inside.

Everyone gets a share.

The first peep into the new outdoor quarantine enclosure.

Wary at first, curiosity begins to get the better of them.

Baloo, the male, is the first to venture as far as the enclosure.

Baloo is soon out, and Betty and Boo are close behind him.

The girls follow Baloo out.

This is more space than they have ever known and they can't wait to explore.

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