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Our rescued baboon couple

Tilin came a long way from his life in the circus. After Bolivia outlawed the use of all animals in circuses, Tilin was handed over to ADI along with four lions. We then took him to his new life at the Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary in the UK.

Soon after, we started seeking a non-breeding companion for Tilin, and finally found the lovely Tina.

Tina was born in a captive-breeding farm in Israel and exported to Cyprus with another monkey for the pet market. When her owner could no longer handle her she was taken in by a donkey sanctuary, where her main playmate was a German Shepherd dog.

Upon hearing of Tina’s situation, the opportunity to give them a life together was too good to pass up.

At last they had companionship of their own kind.

Update: Approaching 30 years old, Tilin passed away in March 2020.

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Tilin, in the circus cage he lived in all his life.

ADI Vet Mel Richardson prepares to give Tilin an examination.

With great care Tilin's chain is removed.

Tilin enjoys an apple in the ADI holding facility in Bolivia.

Tilin's crate is constructed in preparation for the journey to his new home.

The ADI Team, including ADI Vet Simon Adams, inspects Tilin prior to travel.

Tilin is loaded onto the aircraft which will bring him to the UK.

The ADI Team in England prepare Tilin's temporary quarantine facility for his arrival.

Tilin is checked at Heathrow after his flight by ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer and Campaigns Director Tim Phillips.

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