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Circus seized in Mozambique

Animal Defenders International, conservation group Task Force and a South African animal rights group joined forces to rescue every single animal from the Akef Egyptian Circus, Mozambique. The animals had been abandoned to starve before we moved in to save 6 lions, 3 tigers, 1 African rock python, 3 horses (a mare and her very young foal, plus a stallion), and 7 dogs.

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From a cage in Maputo to, it seems like, all the space in the world.

Akef the lion is believed to be of the extinct-list Barbary subspecies.

One of three lions released into the Centre.

One of the three tigers in their natural bush enclosure.

A tiger is sedated for the journey to Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Akef the lion relaxes, free at last.

Flea spraying the cat!

Jan Creamer looks on whilst vet Peter Rogers works on a lioness.

A tiger gets a check up before quarantine.

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