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ADI rescue galleries

29 January 2013

ADI rescues animals in distress from around the world. You can learn more about the animals we have saved from the circus, the lab and the pet trade by exploring our photo galleries below and reading their stories in our Happy Endings section.

Click on the links below to view galleries of the ADI rescues, relocations and the rescued animals in their new homes.

Operation Lion Ark

  • Free to be wild, the lions saved by ADI from circuses in Bolivia enjoy sanctuary
  • Relocating the Lion Ark lion prides
  • The rescue of the lions

  • Tim & Rosita

  • Tim the horse, saved during Lion Ark and his companion Rosita

  • Bolivian pride

  • Simba’s pride enjoy their freedom
  • The first lions to be rescued

  • Tilin and Tina

  • Our rescued baboon couple

  • Sarah & Caesar

  • Lions from our Portuguese circus rescue

  • Toto

  • Toto and friends
  • Saved from the circus, Toto heads to Africa

  • Ex-lab monkeys

    After enduring years of hardship, these three lucky monkeys enjoy a new life together in safety and without fear. Rehomed in the idyllic Lakeview Sanctuary, they now have their very own brand new, and very large, permanent outdoor enclosure, with adjoining nighthouse.

    Orlandito, released into the wild!

    Orlandito was snatched from the wild for the pet trade. Now, after years of determined work, ADI has released him to the Colombian forest with other capuchins.

    Whole Circus Rehomed

    Following a dramatic rescue, ADI organised the rehoming of 20 animals from a circus in Mozambique.


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