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Tim and Rosita

9 December 2011


Tim was destined to be food for circus lions before ADI rescued him during Operation Lion Ark. Along with companion Rosita he is living his life out in safety.

Operation Lion Ark

At the end of 2010, securing a ban on the use of animals in circuses in Bolivia, we completed the rescue of EVERY animal from circuses across the country.

Six monkeys, a coati mundi, a deer and horse were relocated in Bolivia or returned to the wild. We then moved all the remaining lions to the US in the biggest airlift of its kind: Operation Lion Ark.

Now these 29 ex-circus lions are living free, in family prides, in massive natural enclosures at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and ARK 2000 in California. Their care will be funded by ADI for the rest of their lives.

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