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Krissy and Boo

7 January 2010


Beaten, chained, passed from one owner to the next: the sad lives of Boo and Krissy – the elephants the USDA left behind.

Though we were delighted as circus elephants Tina and Jewel were confiscated by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Leggett, Texas, and taken to San Diego Zoo, it wasn’t all good news.

Tragically the elephant Boo (also known as Queenie) who ADI met during our investigation of US circuses was left behind – chained to a tree. And just a few miles away Boo’s one time companion, Krissy, remained with the Swain family.

ADI is fighting on behalf of Krissy and Boo, and urging the USDA to take action.

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  • You can help Krissy and Boo

    Write to the USDA today:

    Tom Vilsack,
    Secretary of Agriculture,
    U.S. Department of Agriculture,
    1400 Independence Ave. S.W.,
    Washington, DC 20250;
    APHIS Administrator Kevin Shea:
    Phone: 202-720-3861.
    Email: [email protected]

    • Thank them for protecting Tina and Jewel:
    • Urge them to return to Leggett, Texas, and confiscate Boo/Queenie who is now living in isolation.
    • Ask them to extend the USDA’s investigations to Bill Swain of Conroe and Mike Swain of Cut and Shoot, Texas, who regularly work with Davenport.
    • Urge them to seize Krissy/Chris, Jean, Nanda, and Spanky.
    • Remind them of the video of horrific abuse and deprivation Krissy and Boo/Queenie endured at the hands of Mike Swain in a circus run by the Davenports.

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