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Bolivian Circus Animals

Following the nationwide ban, the first Bolivian circus has gone animal free and the animals have been handed to ADI. Five lions, three males and two females, and a Hamadryas baboon from Circo Abuhadba...


At the centre of a legal and administrative tangle, Benny is the victim of a flawed system. Benny was seized when the circus that owned him, Circo Vasquez, crossed the border from the US into Mexico...

Krissy and Boo

Beaten, chained, passed from one owner to the next: the sad lives of Boo and Krissy the elephants the USDA left behind. Though we were delighted as circus elephants Tina and Jewel were confiscated...

We're Trying to Save

ADI commit to always helping as many animals as we can: after fighting for their freedom,...

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