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The NAVS highlight animal research downfalls in Home Office inspector training

Posted: 20 December 2017. Updated: 20 December 2017


Researchers wishing to conduct animal experiments in the UK must apply for a licence from the Home Office. All applications are considered by Animals in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU) inspectors who assess them based on weighing the harms to animals with the proposed benefits of the research. Around 20 full time inspectors are responsible for inspecting animal laboratories and thousands of active animal research projects across the UK.

Information provided by ASRU to the NAVS’ Freedom of Information requests on licensed animal research projects illustrates the potential failures and bias in the evaluation of project licence applications. Importantly, the NAVS has unveiled a lack of awareness about non-animal methods and failure to acknowledge current scientific evidence on the validity of animal testing when assessing project applications.

The NAVS is now using an opportunity to present trainee inspectors with our concerns about animal experiments and the work they carry out as part of their training, including:

  • the lack of scientific validity of animal models and research

  • why alternatives are not being implemented, particularly if they are being used in other countries

  • how animal sentience and suffering of different species appears to be overlooked in the assessment of projects

  • how applicants overstate the benefits of experiments and underestimate the suffering caused to animals

These meetings provide an important starting point for providing those directly involved in the authorisation of animal experiments with the evidence of their futility. It also provides a platform to show how non-animal methods can be used instead. We hope that meetings with future inspectors mark a shift towards impacting the authorisation of unreliable and unnecessary experiments, towards our ultimate goal of ending all animal experiments.

Help the NAVS campaign for unreliable animal tests to be replaced with modern non-animal methods!

  • Urge your MP to support and press for proposals for the adoption of advanced alternatives

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