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Letter from animal experts: Don't plunge science back into the dark ages

Posted: 17 August 2015

Vets, animal behaviourists and dog welfare groups join the National Anti-Vivisection Society in opposing plans to breed beagle dogs for experimentation in Yorkshire - read their joint letter calling on the government to overturn the decision by Secretary of State Greg Clark in July, overriding his predecessor Eric Pickles and repeated rejections of the dog farm by the local council. Find out more

We are deeply concerned that permission has been granted for a highly controversial facility in Yorkshire which will breed and supply beagle dogs for experiments, against the wishes of the local community.

Over half a million people have called on the government to reverse Minister Greg Clark’s decision since he overruled the local council on 16 July. Plans to build on the site have been rejected on four previous occasions.

Outdated and unreliable animal experiments are in decline as they are replaced with advanced non-animal methods such as organs on chips, cell cultures and computer modelling. This evolution is reflected by the substantial decline in dog tests, down 30% over the past ten years to 3,554 in 2013.

The new breeding facility is set to plunge science back into the dark ages. A reported 2,000 beagles – a breed selected for their gentle nature – will be farmed on-site, flooding the market with cheap dogs to use in experiments, when health research charities have admitted that the majority of testing uses advanced techniques.

Most dogs are used in vain attempts to determine the toxic effects of substances ranging from drugs to weed-killers. These tests are fundamentally flawed due to differences between dog and human physiology – chocolate, grapes and human medicines such as Ibruprofen are deemed safe for us but are potentially harmful to dogs.

NAVS investigations have revealed the shockingly crude and unscientific reality of dog tests –chemicals accidentally pumped into dogs’ lungs; puppies force-fed weed-killer which had been on sale for 20 years; tests conducted after human studies began; human studies conducted after adverse results in dogs.

We call on the government to reverse the decision on the scientifically regressive and widely opposed beagle farm plans which contravene its pledge to reduce the use of animals in research.

Jan Creamer - National Anti-Vivisection Society
Marc Abraham BVM&S MRCVS - PupAid
Marc Bekoff PhD
Emma Goodman Milne BVSc MRCVS
Dr Scott Miller
The Hon. Jonathon Porritt CBE
Victoria Stilwell - Positively
Pete ‘The Vet’ Wedderburn
CARIAD Campaign
Celia Hammond Animal Trust
Mayhew Animal Home

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