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Blow for modern science as outdated animal experiment facility approved

Posted: 3 February 2015. Updated: 4 February 2015


In a blow to modern science, Cambridge City Council has today approved plans by AstraZeneca to build an animal research facility within its new global R&D centre and corporate headquarters in the city.

The plans for the laboratory have been widely condemned by residents, local campaign groups and the NAVS and will condemn thousands of animals to unnecessary suffering.

Yesterday, the NAVS renewed its call for the council to block the plans after it was revealed by the pharmaceutical giant, which currently experiments on over a quarter of a million animals each year, that cancer tests on rodents will take place at the facility tests which the NAVS believe do not help people and also harm medical progress.

Successful cancer treatments can be developed without animal tests. Through the Lord Dowding Fund, the NAVS has funded non-animal cancer research at top UK universities, including a 3D cell culture and tissue slice model of human breast cancer at the University of Leeds.

The NAVS urges AstraZeneca to step up its use of cutting-edge alternatives and commit to phasing out outdated and unreliable animal tests.

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