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Director of company behind beagle farm plans convicted of animal abuse in Italy

Posted: 27 January 2015


The NAVS is calling on the Secretary of State to uphold the decision to refuse permission for a dog breeding facility in Yorkshire after an animal abuse conviction was handed down to a director of the company behind the plans, Yorkshire Evergreen, in Italy.

Ghislane Rondot and two of her senior colleagues at the Green Hill breeding facility in Italy, where she is Executive Manager, were convicted on Friday of illegally killing and mistreating animals. Italian media have reported that over 6,000 dogs died at the facility between 2008-2012. The three staff face between one and one and a half years in prison, with Rondot facing one of the longest sentences. Around 3,000 dogs have been rescued from Green Hill, and the issue has garnered huge support from the Italian public.

For over two years Yorkshire Evergreen (also known as B&K Universal Ltd and owned by the US multinational animal supplier Marshall BioResources) has been trying to push through plans for a laboratory breeding facility in Grimston, Yorkshire, where hundreds of animals would be bred and sent for experiments. Yorkshire Evergreen has appealed multiple rejections of its plans. A final decision on the latest appeal will be made by the Secretary of State in the coming months.

The NAVS hopes this conviction will mark the final nail in the coffin for the long-opposed plans and await the Secretary of State’s decision, which will be made on or before 4th June.

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