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NAVS welcomes significant drop in Welsh animal experiments

Posted: 1 August 2014. Updated: 1 August 2014


The NAVS has welcomed figures disclosed today that show Wales has bucked the upward trend in animal experiments across Britain. The nation conducted significantly fewer animal experiments in 2013, a drop of nearly 40% on the previous year, to 52,539. The figures follow the release of the annual Home Office statistics last month showing that animal experiments in Britain have climbed to 4.12 million the highest on modern record despite a reduction pledge from the Government.

In Wales last year, guinea pigs suffered in 24 experiments, rabbits in 3, rats in 3,345, fish in 11,927 and mice in 36,010. Birds and amphibians are the two species that were subjected to an increased number of tests, with birds suffering in 643 experiments and amphibians in 165. No cats, dogs, horses, monkeys or pigs were tested on.

96% of animal experiments in Wales took place in universities or medical schools and nearly half of all animals who were experimented on either had a Harmful Genetic Defect, or had been Genetically Modified.

Jonathan Evans, Conservative MP for Cardiff North said: Im pleased to see that, at long last, the tide of live animal experiments has turned in Wales. The number of animal experiments in Wales has fallen by almost 40%, alongside a fall in the number of genetically modified animals used in laboratories. I hope that universities in Wales, who are still conducting more than 96% of all experiments, will continue to move away from these outdated tests and invest in the development of cutting edge non-animal alternatives.

The Government is currently undertaking a review of the secrecy surrounding animal experiments and the NAVS is campaigning for the removal of Section 24, a secrecy clause which prevents review and scrutiny of animal tests.

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