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Why beagles are the most popular dog used in experiments

Posted: 26 July 2012. Updated: 4 March 2013

Several factors have conspired to doom these friendly little dogs to torture and suffering all over the globe. Animal experimenters prefer to use the same species to allow consistency of supply and comparison of findings and, possessing the following traits, it was inevitable that the beagle would be the breed of preference:

  • Middle-sized beagles are not too big, not too small, easy to lift, handle, restrain, and large enough to make finding veins, doing experiments on eyes etc, relatively easy.
  • Good natured and docile a pit bull is of comparable size, but a researcher attempting to force a tube down its throat would probably get what they deserved!
  • Short haired preferred as these animals are likely to spend their days lying in very small cages in urine and excrement (or at best concrete pens).
  • Availability As vivisection exploded on an industrial scale, it was inevitable that animal experimenters would chose a breed that was easily available. With hunts already breeding beagle packs on a large scale, there were not only a high number of beagles being bred but also information confirming they could be bred in number and on the impacts of breeding over many years.

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