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Consultation on Directive 2010/63/EU now closed!

Posted: 28 September 2011. Updated: 17 September 2012


The Home Office Consultation on the biggest overhaul to animal testing laws in this country in 25 years closed on the 5th September.

Thank you to all our supporters who took part either by answering the consultation or raising awareness. Answers are now being analysed for Home Office ministers and advice will be ready for them at the end of this month.

NAVS have been told that the Parliamentary Counsel will begin to draft proposals in November to be published in Spring 2012. This means that we will have a new fight on our hands ready for Lab Animal Week (LAW) 2012. Supporters will know that LAW is the internationally recognised week founded by NAVS in 1979 to draw special attention to lab animal suffering and to speak out for the animals.

The Government can choose to implement this new law via Primary or Secondary legislation. While Primary legislation involves a new bill which gets 3 readings in both the House of Lords and Commons and there are many chances to debate and amend it, Secondary legislation is different with no chance for amendments and very little or no parliamentary scrutiny or public debate.

We are therefore going to be lobbying hard for a democratic, fair process of implementation if the Government chooses to use the Secondary legislation route. We will need your help to get a debate in parliament regarding the new proposals for animals in laboratories. We will be in touch as soon as we know how the implementation process will happen to update you on the process, what it means for animals and how you can become involved.

Thank you!

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