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Beagle farm proposal appeal

Posted: 1 September 2011. Updated: 1 September 2011


In June 2011, East Riding Council refused planning permission for B & K Universal to erect new buildings for breeding beagle dogs to be used in experiments, citing traffic concerns surrounding the site.

Ahead of the decision, the Council had received objections to the proposal from the NAVS and its supporters, as well as other animal groups and concerned individuals. At the meeting of the Planning Committee, where the proposal was discussed, the NAVS also gave oral evidence.

B & K Universal are appealing the Councilís decision and the NAVS has once again made a written submission in objection to the proposal.

The deadline for submissions is 5 September.

At a time when legislation on animal experiments is under review in the UK, in order to comply with the new European Directive, this proposal is clearly out of step with the Directiveís aim of raising animal welfare standards and accelerating the replacement of animal tests.

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