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National Antivisection Society

UK experiments up

Posted: 17 December 2007


Government statistics for 2006 reveal that the number of experiments in the UK has risen to over 3 million, with an increase of 133,800 more animals used – a 5% increase on the previous year.

Jan Creamer, NAVS Chief Executive told the media: “The increase in the use of animals in research is out of step with public opinion in the UK and Europe today. It is outrageous that at a time when there are more non-animal methods of research available than ever before, the number of animal experiments in the UK continues to rise. The public has shown their distaste for genetically modified (GM) food and products, and yet the use of GM animals has more than quadrupled since 1995, accounting for 37% of all procedures in 2006 – up by 74,500. These increases are taking place at a time when results from animal research are increasingly shown to be unreliable, unethical and unnecessary”.

Academics now dominate the animal experimentation industry – universities carry out 45% of procedures, with commercial interests such as drug companies in second place, performing 35% of procedures.

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