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How can non-animal methods compare to a living, breathing animal?

How can non-animal methods replicate a beating heart, blood system, breathing lungs, central nervous system and the way these function together?

The problem with this proposition is that if you are testing something on a whole animal, the only information you will have is about that particular animal in the particular circumstances.

A living, breathing animal cannot be compared to a living, breathing human. It’s still the wrong species.

You still have the problem that species differences are compounded by the effects of being in the laboratory has on the animal – biochemical changes in the animal’s body from stress, effects of being handled, as well as its environment.

There are a number of effective non-animal research methods available including cell, tissue and organ culture, computer simulation, analytical techniques and epidemiology that can provide reliable results needed to further medical progress.

Combinations of these can replace animals, and provide better science because they are more relevant to humans.

Once a product has been through the stages of developing and testing using non-animal methods, the product can be moved to human trials more safely than at present by introducing systems such as microdosing, where ultra-low doses are given.

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