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What is the NAVS' view on the claim that extremists are driving valuable research away from the UK?

Drug companies or vivisectors who claim to be leaving the UK because of extremism are not being entirely truthful; there is no evidence to support this claim.

The House of Lords Select Committee on animal experiments asked this question of the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry, the pro-animal experimentation lobby and leading academics in support of animal experiments when they gave evidence to the Committee in XXc2004X. The Committee asked for examples of individuals or companies driven abroad. None could be provided.

For over a decade companies that experiment on animals have been threatening to leave the country because of either regulations or animal activists - but there is no evidence to support that this has happened. The number of licensed experimenters has remained stable and the number of experiments is rising.

The NAVS believes that this threat is just sabre rattling to stifle dissent, and scare more concessions out of the government for an already powerful scientific community and pharmaceutical industry.

Anyway, there is legislation already in place to arrest people for violence and intimidation, and in recent years, such legislation has been strengthened. New anti-terrorism laws have also been introduced.

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