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National Antivisection Society

What is your stand on violence?

. Updated: 5 October 2011

The NAVS opposes all forms of violence, whether towards animals or humans.

Although we can understand the frustration that can lead to extreme behaviour, we advocate that the best way forward is by educating the public and parliament with the facts about animal research, and the sophisticated and advanced non-animal methods that are available.

Violence and intimidation do not advance the debate and are counterproductive because it suits those with a vested interest in animal research to discuss anything other than the issues. Unfortunately it suits the extremists to exaggerate their impact, but it also suits animal experimenters to do the same.

Extremists have become a convenient way of stifling debate on the issue of animal research in the UK. As a result the majority of decent thinking people who have thought about this issue and want to see an end to animal experiments and the introduction of advanced methods of research are shut out.

However, it is important to remember that a few extremists do not invalidate the beliefs of the majority. Every belief taken to an extreme can become a bad thing for example, Islamic terrorists, Christians who bomb abortion clinics - but the extremists do not invalidate the ideas that are being put forward and they should not be allowed to dominate the debate.

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